HELLO    let me explain ...

We're not a really company anymore, but in a way we still are. Here's what I mean to say.

About a decade ago the three of us sat down outside the bakery on A Street and decided to put our tools and skills under one roof and call ourselves a company. We basically were still three sole proprietors but since our fields of interest (film, web, music, art, etc.) kept converging, we decided to follow suit.

What resulted was a beautiful office that we remodeled and moved into and a stream of work with a diverse wealth of satisfied clients and a deepening of our friendships with each other.

But several years in, I accepted a job and so we amicably closed shop and took down our sign. But we never took down the website for several reasons. 1. It ranked pretty well and continued to generate leads. 2. It housed a lot of portfolio work and was a good place to point people interested in seeing our work. and 3. I'm a little sentimental.

So now, many years later. I'm still at my job, Ray still loves freelancing and Brandon works the dreamjob for SOU in the DMC department.

Please contact us if you need help or advice on something you think we might know something about ... and be well. bax
BAXTER    jeffrey d. | dad | web monkey | songsmith | painter | buddhist |

I began working in computers in about 1997. I was living in Atlanta and I landed a job for a 3-D animation startup company after modeling the cast of seven dogs, their first project, in oil based clay for the owner. I worked for a number of years producing animation and motion graphics for television and corporate presentation. I also learned web development during this time and when I moved "away from the well" and back out west my work leaned more toward the internet. I now design responsive, mobile friendly sites and apps. My passion is and always has been music and I write and record in my home project studio. My proudest co-creation is my lovely daughter Clara who is also an artist and one of the most compassionate, perspicacious and pulchritudinous people I've ever met. XXLJF

MIKOTA     ray | burner | musician | producer | cameraman | editor | animator

My background is in writing, directing, compositing and editing film and video for television. My career actually began writing, performing and producing music which led to creating music videos, music beds for television and radio and jingles for local small business. As I honed my skills, projects became bigger and so did our clients.

I then discovered 3-D animation and eagerly began creating motion logos, special effects and character animation for regional and national ad campaigns.

I opened my first advertising agency in 1991 creating award winning television commercials for companies eager to build their image and business including Asante Health Systems, Mitsubishi Home Electronics, Intel and many others.

GIVENS     brandon | dad | hubby | director | filmmaker | photographer | zombie fan

After over 10 years in broadcast television environment, the time was right to form this creative partnership and take my vision and work to the next level. I have a long history of directing live television, producing commercials and broadcast programs, project management, staff training and supervision. My commercial work started with small local retailers, and has grown to include county entities, regional advertisers, a software company launching their new product nationally, and political campaign marketing.

I've brought projects from script to screen as a one man band, and I've managed productions utilizing multiple entities and crews. A native Oregonian, I moved to the Southern Oregon/Ashland area in 1995 to enroll in SOU, where I recieved a bachelors of science in communications: Radio/Television/Film in 1999.

WEB DEVELOPMENT     responsive - mobile first

Ray and I both do cutting edge, mobile friendly web design and development. I typically build on a Bootstrap and HTML 5 foundation and Ray does a lot of Wordpress. If you need a simple brochure site or a enterprise e-commerce solution, one of us can help you with a quality solution.

HD VIDEO PRODUCTION     shooting - editing - compositing

Both Ray and Bradon have extraordinary portfolios of television and corporate work and miles and miles of experience both on camera and in the editing suite. If you have a project that needs a creative partner, contact one of them for help or advice.

MUSIC PRODUCTION     reason - mac & pc formats

Ray and I both have Reason project studios and welcome all types of composing and recording projects. Ray leans a little more EDM and Trance while my work ranges from Old School R&B and Funk as well as Singer/Songriter acoustic driven pop stuff.

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